Royalties and special shareholdings yield R $67 billion to the country

According to the national agency of petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels (ANP) the royalties and special shareholdings will yield about R $67 billion for the country, divided between the union, states and Municipalities. The increase in the collection was driven by high pre-salt production and the price of the oil barrel in the international market.

This year, the pre-salt came to reach the mark of 1.5 million barrels of oil per day and, according to Petrobras, the expectation is to increase the volume produced by the year 2022. The state still offers as goal for the end of the year the production of 2.1 million barrels of Oil.

For the year 2019, three new systems will come into operation: p-77, in buzios, p-70, Atapu, and p-68, at Cockle. All owning the productivity of 150,000 barrels of Oil.

The value obtained through the royalties and special participations will be of great importance to the country, which can be shared between essential sectors such as education, economics, health, among Others.


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