Resin production contributes to environmental preservation

The adequacy of companies in the onshore and offshore sector to sustainability policies in the means of production, has been gaining more and more space in the market. Among the innovations, one of the highlights is the hydrocarbonic resin. Braskem, one of the largest companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries, bets on the substance as a way to combat the damage caused to the environment.

The hydrocarbon resin is used in the production of tires, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption in automobiles, besides offering more safety to the consumer. Even in the face of the current economic situation of the country, the bet of renewable production in the market already presents positive results after registering a 7% increase in the sales of resin, only in the first semester of this year.

Although in a slow process, technological advances have been providing a reconciliation between industry and sustainability. The tendency is for the oil sector to renew itself in favor of the use of raw materials that contribute sustainably with the productions that brutally violate the preservation of the environment.

Braskem is the only integrated first and second-generation thermoplastic resins in Brazil. In this context, the company has a fundamental role in the market in renewable solutions, through chemistry and plastics. In addition to the Brazilian territory, the company extends with units by the United States, Mexico and Germany.

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