Rules for gas firing are changed by ANP

In the last week, the ANP (National Petroleum Agency, Gas And biofuels) initiated a public consultation to improve the Of the rules of the resolution of the ANP Ordinance N ° 249/2000.

The regulation discusses the procedures for the control of And losses of oil and natural gas in the exploration and exploitation activities Production. It also includes case definitions framed as burns Dispensed with prior authorisation, and the procedures for the Authorisation and convalidation of extraordinary burns. The consultation period Will be 45 days counted from the last day of October 9th, and the hearing Public will be on December 4. This improvement reinforces the work of the ANP In its regulatory work on gas firing control.

"The proposal for a revision of the Regulation brings Can be classified into two groups: those relating to the regulation of Procedures for authorisation and convalidation of extraordinary gas burns Natural, or consideration of ordinary burns, already used in the activities of supervision, but not yet foreseen in the current regulation; and also those Dedicated to the implementation of new tools seeking to optimize the Use of the energy resource by reducing the percentages of Burns, "said the ANP in an official note.


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