Rystad Energy predicts good winds to Petrobras

According to Rystad Energy (research and intelligence company of the the global energy sector), Petrobras is on track to become the largest oil producer in the world among publicly traded companies by 2030.

According to Bloomberg, the pace of oil company expansion is the fastest in the world and the result of the last mega-auctions has made the company benefit even more, as it took control of almost eight billion barrels in the Buzios field.

"Petrobras may, in a matter of years, become the largest producer of oil among publicly traded companies. The meaning is enormous symbolic," said Aditya Ravi, vice president of rystad's upstream team Energy, energy.

For Ravi, with these results, the state could exceed PetroChina, rise to second place in the rankings in the next months and possibly dethrone Russia's Rosneft PJSC, assuming the leadership in the next decade.


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