Sale of fields to Trident Energy generates almost R $ 2 billion

Petrobras' operation to sell the fields that make up the Pampo and Enchova poles, located in shallow waters in the Campos Basin, to Brazil's Trident Energy, was completed with the payment of US$ 365.4 million (almost R$ 2 billion). The state-owned company had already received $53.2 million. 

According to Petrobras Executive Portfolio Management Manager Ana Paula Saraiva, the sale takes place "at a challenging time for the world economy and in particular for the oil and gas industry." In a statement, the manager said the profit from the sale will help reduce the state's debt and help take another step in the strategy of focusing resources on deepwater. 

In addition, Petrobras' Deepwater Executive Manager, Carlos José Travassos, also stressed that the operation "avoids decommissioning expenses and perishes the life cycle of those units through new investments, generating jobs and value for Brazilian society."

The company, which continues to dispose of its assets, also plans to sell its fields on land by the end of 2021.


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