Sale of six distributors of the bras follows for approval in the Senate

The House of Deputies concluded the analysis of amendments and highlights of the basic text of the Bill 10.332/2018, which allows the approval of privatisation of six distributors of the electric bras, they are: Amazonas Energia; Ceron (power plants of Rondônia); Hydroelectricity (acre electricity company; Ceal (energy company of Alagoas); Cepisa (Piauí energy company) and Boa Vista Energy. The PL now goes to review and vote in the Senate.

Among the rejected amendments is that of Mr Chico Alencar (PSOL-RJ), by 217 votes to 163, which had as a proposal to grant the stability to the workers of public companies for 18 months, and to allow the allocation to another State. And also that of Congressman Paulo (PL-AL), for 220 votes to 159, which wanted to reverse the process of selling these companies by including them among those which could not be privatized. Another amendment rejected was that of Mr Pompeo de Matos (PDT-RS), by 205 votes to 129, which extended the deadline for the union to pay the fuel costs for electricity generation of the distributors worth R $3.5 billion up to 2019.

However, some rectification in the basic text has been approved, among them, which grants gratuity of electricity to low-income families until the monthly consumption of 70kWh. The cost should be the responsibility of the CDE (Energy Development Account). Unlike what happens today, where there are discounts according to the consumption acquired by users.

It was also approved the amendment that makes the extension of the supply of electricity in remote areas far from the distribution networks without burden to the consumer if the estimated monthly consumption is up to 80kWh. And also the one that decreases from five to three years the time in advance that these companies must follow to ask for the extension of their concessions for up to 30 years. Among the inclusions made to the text are also the rules for the hydrological risk and for reparations to generating plants the PPT (priority program of thermoelectric).

In the face of the urgency of the sale of the distributors of the bras, it becomes unfeasible for the privatization of the company even this year. The President of the House of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM) took the opportunity to inform the plenary that "the agreement on the non-voting of the project of the bras is guaranteed, we do not vote this year, ' ' he said. In this way, the fate of the bras will be in the hands of the future elected members in October.

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