São Paulo can receive thermoelectric up to 2024

Up to 2024 should start working in the neighborhood of Pedreira, South Zone of São Paulo new natural gas thermoelectric plant. The construction of the unit was authorized by the then Governor of the state Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), and will be the responsibility of Emae (Metropolitan Water and Energy company), the Secretariat of Energy and Mining and the company Gasen.

Currently, the state of São Paulo imports 63% of the electricity it consumes. With the future power plant, the state government expects to obtain energy security for the entire metropolitan region. The estimate is that the thermal park produces about 6 million cubic meters of natural gas per day.

The consortium should undertake the environmental, technical and economic feasibility studies of the plant, obtaining the prior license, elaboration of the business plan, hiring suppliers, negotiation of the supply of natural gas and participation in a future auction Performed by Aneel.

With an estimated power of 1600 megawatts (MW), the unit will be built next to the Piratininga and Fernando Gasparian plants and use technologies in the thermoelectric generation of natural gas, which causes low pollutant emission. The new plant can also assist in the factor employability in the state, since the unit can open countless vacancies for professionals from all over the country.

Pedreira Thermal Park

The project called Thermal Park Pedreira, began in July 2015 with the launching of the announcement for the implementation of plants in partnership with the private sector. Emae received 15 expressions of interest, totaling 21 projects. Siemens Power and Gas was involved in the construction, implementation and operation of natural gas thermoelectric plants in São Paulo.

The site in which the unit will be built already has two thermoelectric plants: Piratininga (Emae) and Fernando Gasparian (Petrobras), which have, together, 580 MW of installed capacity, besides the quarry elevating plant, which has a reversible unit, Able to function as a power generator as a water pump.

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