Save energy during the hottest season of the year

Many consumers purchase air conditioners, refrigerators and fans as a way to cool off during high summer temperatures. However, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), warns that the use of these devices can contribute to a higher energy expenditure and, consequently, a high in the electricity bill.

According to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), the electricity bill can become up to 8.6% more expensive in the summer. That's because the use of appliances increases, and now, with the great support to the home office, this energy expenditure can get even higher. Therefore, to help in the consumer's pocket, we have gathered some tips that contribute to energy savings during the hottest season of the year. Check out:

– Inmetro created the Brazilian Labeling Program (EBE), which classifies appliances according to their energy efficiency, helping the consumer to make a more conscious purchase. Therefore, always seek products classified as the letter A, as they are the most efficient.

– Keep a distance between the sides of the refrigerator and the wall of your house. This distancing contributes to the device performing the heat exchanges with the environment properly. In addition, try to open the refrigerator door for as little time as possible as this helps to maintain the ideal temperature.

– Always keep the fans clean as this benefits performance and operation of the appliance. Do not leave the appliance unnecessarily connected is another recommendation. – Do not leave the door open while the air conditioner is on. This prevents hot air from going into the environment being refrigerated.


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