Scgás beats profit record

2016 was the year of the gas. At least for the Santa Catarina gas company, SCGás. That's because the company recorded the largest profit in its history last year. Were R$ 116,200,000, 34.34% result greater than the registered in 2015. In addition, the number also exceeded the initially designed by the company, which had expected a net profit of R$ 86,500,000 in 2016.

Among the factors presented by the company for profit is the change in the dollar, a drop in international oil basket of investments used to enlarge the network of natural gas who answered the eleven new industries, commercial establishments, 1,874 15 residential units and three gas stations, which offer the input the emplacada fleet of vehicles 91000.

This news represents a more oxygen for the production of gas in the national territory, since the gas is a versatile energy that can be used in industries, Commerce, residences and vehicles.


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