SCGás projects natural gas increase in 2020

According to the publication of the Santa Gas Company Catarina (SCGás), the price of natural gas in the state is expected to increase 4% in January next year, and early in the second half, go through another jump equivalent to 8%. The adjustment still depends on the approval of the regulatory agency. In addition to Santa Catarina, the public call as well as the negotiating round also involve the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, São Paulo and Mato Thick.

” It’s not a linear situation. The gas supply contract in Santa Catarina, signed in the 1990s, is undergoing Update. Gas in Santa Catarina is already up to 40% cheaper than in states – argues SCGás’s commercial manager Samuel Schmitz.

Currently, Santa Catarina has one of the largest networks of gas in the country, is the second in distribution to municipalities, behind only são Paulo state, in addition to occupying the third position of gas sales for use in vehicles.


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