Schlumberger Announces digital pit construction

Technology is a great ally of the oil and gas area. This time, Schlumberger introduced the planning solution of construction of digital DrillPlan wells in the SIS Global Forum. The DrillPlan solution is part of a fully integrated well construction, which transforms the performance of planning and execution and improves the efficiency and quality of each well drilled.

The DrillPlan solution was developed with a focus on improving the cooperation of users and providing a new way of working for drilling crews. Operators and service companies have access to all the necessary data in a single common system, creating a circular workflow where the plans are improved as new data is added, allowing future drilling programs to take advantage of previous experience.

The novelty of American oil will be available in the land operations in North America at the end of 2017, with the continuous development of features to meet the needs of the global market in 2018.

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