SE: Natural gas will suffer price drop

From May 1, the price of natural gas in Sergipe will be reduced by 7.96%. The data are from the Regulatory Agency of Public Services of the State of Sergipe (Agrese).

In the vehicle natural gas (CNG) segment, the reduction will be 8.36% and in the residential segment, 4.50%. The industrial area will reduce by 8.15% and the commercial sector by 6.19%.

It is worth remembering that in the first half of 2019, the exemption from the collection of the 18% ICMS rate was approved for all industries in Sergipe that were included in the Sergipano Industrial Development Program (PSDI). Thus, the consumer tariff was reduced by around 19.83%.

In February and March 2020, Petrobras granted a reduction in natural gas and the ICMS rate in the vehicular segment. With this, there was a significant decrease of about R$ 0.24 in the CNG tariff.