Search for solar energy grows in Rio Preto

The municipality of Rio Preto is the fourth to record an increase in demand for solar energy in the state of São Paulo. Despite the pandemic of covid-19 which has harmed several sectors of the economy, the solar energy market continues to grow in the city of São Paulo.

Several energy entrepreneurs in Rio Preto reported not record the expected growth for the year; yet they celebrated the and the absence of financial losses. The city is currently the fourth largest in the state of São Paulo in generating electricity from the sun, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).

Five years ago, there were only 57 power generating units solar in the municipality. Now, that number has jumped to 1,073. In more, ANEEL registered the installation of 391 power generating units in the city only in this year, a number that already represents 94% of the equipment that was installed in the year whole past (412).

Only in July, the total production power in Rio Black was 7,300 kilowatts (kW), behind only Campinas (9.4 thousand kW), Ribeirão Preto (8.9 thousand kW) and São Paulo (8,600 kW). It is worth remembering that the solar energy is a clean and renewable source that does not harm the environment and brings benefits to the pocket of the consumer and the entrepreneur.


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