Energy sector receives startup innovation

Every day more companies inoin and the trend is that this factor will continue to grow. Nowadays, several startups are committed to transforming the energy sector, which also causes large companies to rethink their consumption. In addition to seeking in their structures increasingly innovative and sustainable projects, companies understand that the disruption will bring improvements to the lives of customers and will pave the way for new business in the industry.

Fossil fuels are still the most widely used energy generation medium today. However, the combustion of these fuels releases ancillative heat, which can bring a number of environmental problems due to the polluting gases thrown into the atmosphere at the time of combustion.

Thus, thinking of a solution for the sector, five Brazilian startups created options capable of transforming the branch: Solar Card, CUBI Energia,Dooak, Enercred and NEXO digital training. Get to know innovative projects:

  • With a focus on residential consumers, Enercred uses a digital platform to sell clean energy subscriptions, more cheap and sustainable. The startup identifies states where the price of energy is proposes its clean energy sales system.
  • Cubi Energia's project is to make visible the data for business managers through the use of technology, saying exactly where, when and how it is consumed electricity.
  • Virtual reality is nexo's great ally digital training, which seeks to solve problems with accidents of work in companies. Nexo offers employee training with virtual reality simulators from systems installed in smartphones, employees undergo immersive VR training to simulate work processes.
  • With an idea similar to Enercred's, the Card solar intends to democratise access to renewable energy by offering possibility of choosing the energy source that will be consumed.
  • Dooak startup has a platform for collective investment with blockchain transactions for solar energy projects. The proposal is to connect investors with have an interest in diversifying their portfolio of applications and people who need funding for their solar energy projects.

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