Solar energy sector can generate more than 145,000 jobs

That Brazil has great capacity to generate solar energy, we all already know. There are more than 2,000 hours of contact between sunlight and The Brazilian territory, which brings an energy potential of 15 trillion megawatts-hours – a number that exceeds the national electricity consumption by 50,000 times.

The novelty is the forecast of the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), that in 2021, the photovoltaic sector generates more than 147,000 new jobs throughout the country and attract R$ 22.6 billion in new investments. It is worth remembering that last year alone, 86,000 jobs were opened in the segment, which received an investment of more than R$ 13 billion.

Also according to Absolar, Brazil occupies the 11th position in the world in the ranking of investment in solar energy. The country has also reached a record mark of 600,000 units that are consumers of distributed photovoltaic solar energy (GD), most of which are installed in homes (73.6%).


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