Gas sector expected to suffer major impact in q2

The country's gas distributors predict a profound impact from the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic on the market in the second quarter. According to preliminary data from Abegas, a drop of 35% to 40% should occur in gas consumption for industries and a decrease of about 60% for the commercial sector in April and May, compared to the same period in 2019.

The vehicle natural gas (CNG) market is also experiencing a 40% decline, in the same comparison, in line with the reduction in sales of liquid fuels.

Last Wednesday (20), the Minister of Mines and Energy (MME), Bento Albuquerque, said he is working with leaders of the National Congress so that the gas bill can be approved in the first half of this year in the House and Senate. Today (21), in an interview for the site Valor Econômico, the president of Shell Brazil, André Araujo, also talked about the law. According to him, Brazil is able to attract many investments in the gas sector. 

"The approval of the new gas market is imperative, it is the one that brings the north to the sector. Surely there are several other aspects that need to be defined, particularly the issue of gas transport, inbound and outbound, there are several points that need to be addressed, but the approval of the law of the new gas market will certainly bring this positive scenario", he said. 


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