Oil sector must generate 500,000 jobs

The oil barrel price elevation and the ANP's recent bidding rounds are giving new gas and oxygenating the national offshore market. This boom in the sector can move the labour market in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, with the possibility of offering about 500,000 new jobs up to 2020. The information is of the Executive Secretary of Exploration and production of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP), Antônio Guimarães.

In short and medium term, several areas must have open opportunities, including cleaning, finance, marketing, and countless others. Contractions and offer should not arise immediately, but according to the progress of oil exploration and production processes. The last auctions were the industry's industrial stagnation generators and the upcoming bidding rounds of 2018 will give the leverage essential for the improvement of market movement.

The recruiters in the oil and gas area are already moving. However, to be more likely to get a vacancy in the area, experts suggest technical expertise in the offshore sector as well as efficient management and fluency in English. Want to know more about the world of oil, gas, energies, pre-salt, fuels, gasoline, Petrobras and offshore? Keep following the Offshore Panorama. Remember, your business passes through here. Check out: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br and Www.facebook.com/panoramaoffshore


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