P&G sector: ES expects 12,000 job vacancies

On the morning of Tuesday (18), the president of Findes (Federation espírito santo industries), Léo de Castro, said that the state seeks to consolidate as an oil state and can generate 12,000 job vacancies in the years in the oil and gas sector.

"An oil state is a state that, in addition to producing oil, also has a chain of suppliers qualified to meet the demand from the companies installed here, as well as to serve the companies that operate in other states and c[…]ountries we are doing a job of open opportunities, qualify capixabas companies for these challenges and make this bridge between the customer and the supply chain here in the Spirit Saint," the president said.

According to him, many companies in the state already have skills, but need to make this connection with institutions, for the development and strengthening of the sector. André Araújo, president of Shell Brasil, said that four phases of investment in oil production have already been carried out in Espírito Santo and that there is the possibility of further future investments in the region.


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