P&G sector will extinguishing as dinosaurs, says CEO of Total

"Let me clarify, today we have many interested parties who consider us dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are gone. I don't want to disappear, but the only way to not become a dinosaur is to act, invest and progress together, "said Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné, referring to the adaptation of the oil and gas industry to sustainability policies. The speech was made during the opening of the SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition on Tuesday (3).

During the event, it was guided as it has been challenging for the oil and gas industry the effects of climate change, and the market's ability to attract new investments and talents to the branch. Pouyanné also spoke about the importance of investing in new technologies such as carbon capture and storage and the potential that the North Sea can become, in its words, "The giant CO2 Cavern in Europe" using impoverished gas fields.

"Our mission is to be able to provide reliable, affordable and clean energy to the world. All these words are equally important, even if society is clearly emphasizing the last of them: clean energy ", highlighted the CEO of the French Total, during the announcement at the SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition, which takes place until the 6th September in P&J Live, United Kingdom.

The leaders of the oil and gas sector participating in the Conference also stressed the difficulty in meeting the goals of climate change, while at the same time providing energy to the growing populations in the world, especially in the regions in Development.

The president of the SPE, Sami Alnuaim, ranked the millions of people living with low fuel levels as "human poverty" that industry has a duty to address while transitioning to renewable sources and reducing carbon emissions. Alnuaim also cited the statistics of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which pointed out that 620 million people in Africa had no access to electricity in the year 2018. Still according to the agency, this number will be quadrupled in the coming years.

"These human beings do not have access to the basic energy and lifestyle that you and I consider a given. Investments in liquefied natural gas, as well as renewable energies, can be important to improve this human tragedy. We need others to look at us as part of the solution, which we are, not the cause and guilt we see today. The global appetite for energy is increasing, driven by unprecedented economic growth, population growth, lifestyle improvement and energy reduction needs, "added Sami Alnuaim.

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