Senator says huge subsalt exploration generates advances

Senator Sergio de Castro (PDT-ES) defended, in plenary, that the repeal of the law 13,365/2016, removing the compulsory participation of Petrobras in oil in the pre-salt layer, opens opportunities for Brazil in winning new and major investors from the market Oil. According to the parliamentarian, the new oil Law has generated significant advances for the Country and broadened the pre-salt discoveries.

Sergio Castro said that the deposits need to be explored in your fullness and converted into economic and social development, under penalty of committing one of the biggest misconceptions of political conduct in the history of Brazil. The Senator also said that the legislation affected positively the Petrobras, which has substantive improvement, since only in the first half of this year had a net balance of exports of oil and oil products of 62000 to 401,000 barrels of oil per day.

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