Senate and Petrobras should debate disinvestment

The Committee on Regional Development and Tourism (CDR) may Call Roberto Castello Branco, president of Petrobras, to talk about plan Company’s disinvestment and the impact that has been causing several states of the Country. The application was made by Senator Jean Paul Prates (PT-RN) and will be Debated next Wednesday (16).

“Disinvestment processes need to be monitored Attention, aiming at the correct protection not only of the national patrimony, but of the Particularly fragile economic equilibrium in times of crisis, “pointed out the Senator. “It is the reality that is imposed — and threatens — not only the Rio Grande do Norte, But also states such as Bahia (Tucano Sul field) and Amazonas (Campos de Cupiúba and Carapanaúba), among others. For this reason, it is imperative that Present data listing the specific municipalities affected, as well as their Its anticipated economic impact on the economic planning of the Petrobras “, concludes.


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