Senate approves new pre-salt sharing

Last Tuesday (15), the Committee on Foreign Affairs (CAE) of the Senate approved the bill that establishes new rules For the division between States and Union of the petroleum Megeilon resources of the Pre-salt, scheduled for November 6th. The PL 5.478/2019 goes to the Plenary Urgently.

The proposal establishes a mixed criterion for what will be States: Two-thirds would be divided according to the indices of the The State Participation Fund (PEF) and one third according to the Criteria for losses under the Kandir law, which imposes exemption from the of exported product taxes, and criteria of the financial aid for the Export Promotion (FEX).

Rio de Janeiro, for example, will be the largest beneficiary of The division and will receive about R $2.36 billion – for being the state where the Fields that will be auctioned, receives 3% of the amount raised with the auction, in addition Of the resources passed through the Kandir law. By the text, Rio will not receive The values based on FPE.

The division would look like this: 5% for states and Federal District: R $10.95 billion; 3% for Rio de Janeiro, state where the oil deposits are: R $2.19 billion; 15% for municipalities: R $10.95 billion and 67% for the union: R $48.9 billion.

In addition, the proposal also defines that federative entities should use the funds to pay expenses for social security debts or to make investments. In the case of States and the Federal district, these resources can only be used if a specific financial reserve is created for the payment of social security expenses. Municipalities are not obliged to create a reserve to spend resources with investments.


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