Sergas reaches milestone in 2016

As previously reported, 2016 Offshore Panorama was really the year of the gas. A new proof of that was the result of growth achieved by the natural gas undertaking of Sergipe, Sergas (Sergipe), which had its best mark in the marketing of the product in the residential segment in 2016 and achieved an increase of 21% over the previous year.

With respect to natural gas business segment, the distributor of Sergipe has registered a growth of 9% in total sales to establishments which are not users of the kind of energy. Pablo Matsuo, commercial Manager of Sergas, said the goal of the company's gas sales exceeded 5% in the company's annual target.  "The considerable increase in the number of residential units met the understanding and proof that natural gas is a clean, economical and energy with continuous supply through pipeline," he said.

In the year 2016, the Sergipe reached yet the Gas sixth placing in the national ranking of natural gas distributors in selling per captures by gas station and the 11th place in the marketing of natural gas vehicles in all Brazil. A very significant number and who assists in the promotion and growth of gas distribution in the country.


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