Sergipe-Alagoas: Petrobras opens block sale

In an official statement, Petrobras published the teaser, which is the first sale of assets of the state, of 15 exploratory blocks on land, located in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin. The concessions were contracted between 2013 and 2014, in the 11th and 12th bidding rounds of the ANP (National Agency of the Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels) and the areas offered are in the initial operating data, with newly acquired 3D seismic data and without wells Drilled.

The state has a 100% stake in 8 blocks exploratory: SEAL-T-61_R11, SEAL-T-112_R12, SEAL-T-165_R12, SEAL-T-177_R12, SEAL-T-359_R12, SEAL-T-372_R12, SEAL-T-383_R12 and SEAL-T-384_R12. The concession SEAL-T-61_R11, from the 11th round of ANP Bids, was signed in 2013.

The concessions of the 12th round, which were contracted in 2014, are: SEAL-T-112, SEAL-T-165, SEAL-T-177, SEAL-T-359, SEAL-T-372, SEAL-T-383 and SEAL-T-384.

In addition, Petrobras shares with Nova Petróleo the other 7 blocks, which were also from round 12: SEAL-T-279_R12, SEAL-T-280_R12, SEAL-T-291_R12, SEAL-T-292_R12, SEAL-T-345, SEAL-T-346_R12 and SEAL-T-360_R12.