Sergipe signs decree of flexibilization of gas

The governor of Sergipe, Belivaldo Chagas, signed a decree With the new rules of the local channeled gas regulation, where Eases the rules to attract consumer companies and investors. The Changes were approved by the state regulatory agency, Agrese.

According to the document, the free consumer becomes The option of acquiring the fuel of any producer, importer or Supplier. However, if you contract in the captive market, you will have to sign A supply contract of at least 2 years. If you wish to Be a trader, you will need a record at Agrese and another obtained from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

For Belivaldo, the measure will bring positive consequences. “The New regulation will flexiblize and attract the gas production chain, Opening the Sergipe market for new companies, with the consequence of Employment and income generation, through the heating of the economy, “says The governor.

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