Sergipe has decreased production of oil and natural gas

According to the survey Bulletin Economic Sergipe, Sergipe state recorded a 3% decline in oil production in January this year. Even with the amount exceeding 841,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BEP), the number was lower than in December 2016 and 17% lower than the same month in the previous year (January 2016).

The total produced in the state, 21.4% or 180 thousand barrels was extracted from the sea and 78.6%, which reached 661,000 barrels, was onshore production. Maritime extraction, the reduction was 4% lower than in December and 30.5% lower than the same period 2016. Compared to the ground, the decline was 2.7% compared to the previous month and 12.4% lower in January 2016.

Gas production also showed a drop, with production of 416 thousand barrels, a figure which shows a 2.6% decline compared to the previous month and decreased by 19.8% compared to January last year. Of this total, 93.3%, or 388,000 barrels were taken from the sea, while the other 6.7% of production, 28 thousand barrels in the ground.


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