Sertão Bioenergia will make sisal ethanol with Australian partner

A project for the production of ethanol through the sisal plant promises to be success. Sertão Bioenergia, still in the creation phase, is responsible for by production. The company was announced in November last year and disclosed, recently, a partnership with The Australian Ausgave.

Mexico and Australia already use the plant as raw material to produce biofuel. Because it has no seasonality (or without off-season) sisal can generate up to 66,000 liters of ethanol in 176 tons per hectare. Now, it is the turn of Brazilian production.

In addition, it is stipulated that the project will bring initial return 20% for Australian investors. This return is calculated through the Internal Return (TIR). When the TIR is above the cost of the project, it is a good signal to investors. Thus, Sertão Bioenergia, responsible for the development of the project, is advancing.

The Sertão Bioenergia project will bring income to the hinterland, in addition to to help reduce the biofuel deficit in the Northeast – which has the largest production from sugarcane.