Shell announces renewable energy generation project

A new model of commercialization and generation of electricity in the country was announced by Shell earlier this month. The company reported, in note, that its Marketing and New Energies project in Brazil will include the generation and storage of renewable energy and natural gas, commercialization of and optimization, and sales to end consumers of integrated energy solutions with the Shell brand.

The statement stressed that who will lead the business in generation and storage of renewable electricity and natural gas will be the director of New Energies of Shell Brazil, Guilherme Perdigão, while Gabriela Oliveira continues to be responsible for the development of renewable energy generation projects. On the other hand, the commercialization and offer of integrated energy solutions for consumers are the responsibility of the company Shell Energy Brasil, which has been operating since 2017.

"Our customers in the Brazil will have access, with this integrated model, to the diversity of products and services, the scale and presence that Shell has in the global market for energy," Shell Brazil President André Araujo said in a statement.


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