Shell Brazil studies offshore solar and wind power

The president of Shell Brazil announced on Friday (16) that the company wants to invest in solar power generation, having sought authorization with the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). In addition, the group also studies investments in offshore wind energy, one of the most modern renewable energy technologies, based on harnessing the strength of the wind blowing offshore. Brazil is also one of the greatest potentials in this generation of energy in the world according to a recent study by the Management Assistance Program for the Energy Sector (ESMAP) and the International Financial Corporation (IFC).

It is noteworthy that the company announced in 2020 a goal of investing 35% of the annual global budget in new energy and reducing its carbon footprint by up to 65% by 2050. From this, they also announced that they would dedicate 30% to 35% of their annual research and development (R&D) budget to new energy starting this year – previously, that figure reached about 10%.


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