Shell will invest in solar energy in Brazil

Shell is about to start its first solar energy projects in Brazil, focusing on the potential of the free market. The oil company is expected to meet with potential customers to negotiate the sale of its future production, which, it seems, will begin in 2023.

The projects are part of a series of investments initiated by the company, which include plants planned for implementation in Minas Gerais and other regions. The information is from Shell's solar energy business development manager in Latin America, Maria Gabriela da Rocha, in an interview with Reuters. It is worth remembering that recently, the company also announced the investment in the first thermoelectric powered by pre-salt natural gas, which will operate in Macaé.

In more, the new project is part of the giant's strategy oil and gas in renewables and targets the growing interest of companies in purchase of clean energy on long-term contracts. Finally, the investment of Shell in solar energy is related to the strong growth of the private clean energy contracts.


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