Shell launches solar energy project in MG

Recently, Shell began to develop a new solar energy project in Brasilândia de Minas, Minas Gerais. The plan will be the company's first direct investment in renewable generation in Brazil.

The oil company project includes three plants with a total installed capacity of 130 megawatts in the municipality of Brasilândia de Minas. The grant application was sent to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) and would have the investment of about 500 million reais, according to the market.

Even during the current pandemic, the company insists on the project, as well as several other Organizations in the P&G sector that are investing in renewable assets, such as wind and solar projects – and it is worth remembering that Brazil has great potential for this type of generation.

However, despite the request sent to ANEEL, it is not yet possible to know the pace of development of the project by the company, especially because of the current pandemic scenario.


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