Shell launches service for electric cars in Singapore

The Royal Dutch Shell announced its newest release, the "Shell Recharge", an electric car charging service, in some posts in Singapore, Southeast Asia. The novelty has 10 stations of the Shell until next October, which will represent almost 20% of the company's retail network in the city-state.

According to the oil release, Shell's cooldown points, which usually cover from 0% to 80% charge in about 30 minutes, will be compatible with most electricity powered vehicles in Singapore. According to the analysis made by the company, the inhabitants of the region are concerned about the lack of sufficient and fast loading options for their electric cars, and, therefore, the Anglo-Dutch company will launch the service in "strategic locations", informed the General manager of Shell Retail Singapore, Aarti Nagarajan.

A study recommended by the company itself found that one in two Cingapurians (52%) are discouraged from buying or using an electric car because they believe there are not enough charging stations in Singapore.

"To meet the country's climate action goals, Singapore needs more clean energy solutions to drive lives, business and transportation sustainably. Shell Recharge is an example of how we can make it more convenient for our customers to adopt a cleaner mobility. Shell intends to provide more low-carbon energy solutions in Singapore in the coming months and years, "said Aw Kah Peng, president of the country's Shell companies in Singapore, in a statement.

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