Shell requests authorization from Ibama for drilling the area in the Santos Basin

The Shell company requested Ibama the authorization license for the beginning of the drilling activity of the block Alto of Cabo Frio West, of the Santos basin, in which it was killed by the state in the third round of auctions referring to the pre-salt that occurred in October of the year Past.

The auctioned area is formed by the consortium between the Anglo-Dutch state with 55%, Chinese CNOOC with 20%, and qpi, of Qatar, with 25%. In total, the group poked R $350 million in signing bonuses for the block. Ibama has determined that the company carries out an environmental drilling study.

The auction of the pre-salt regions is a finding of the dismount of public heritage. The area could have been operated by Brazilian companies, which would move the economy and thus generate profit to invest in the country. Follow the Offshore Panorama portal and get inside everything that involves the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and Offshore markets. Remember: your business. Check out:


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