Shell plans to install 7 plants for solar complex

Shell recently announced a new structure for the country's renewable electricity and natural gas business, which seeks free consumers to develop photovoltaic projects. Now, the company has registered in ANEEL the application for the granting of seven new photovoltaic solar plants in the municipality of São João do Rio do Peixe, paraíba. 

The request is part of the project for the Canis solar complex, with six plants with installed power of 48.1 MW and one, with installed capacity of 34.7 MW. The company already has 31 applications for the installation of photovoltaic solar plants in Brazil, representing 1,423 GW of installed power, 1.1 GW in Minas Gerais and 323.3 MW, in the state of Paraíba.

With the global strategy of zeroing its carbon emissions by 2050, the oil company is expected to invest US$3 billion a year in renewable energy projects starting this year. The company's CEO, Ben Van Beurden, has already talked about planning: "a company like Shell has a choice. You can choose to produce oil and gas with the lowest possible emissions. Or you can say: If society wants to get zero net emissions and we really want to be an integral part of that society, then we need to reach zero nets as well."


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