Shell promises to neutralize GHG emissions by 2050

Last week, Shell announced that it will neutralize all emissions and carbon from its production by the year 2050. Even with the turbulence caused in the P&G sector due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the company maintained the decision. The Anglo-Dutch company is following the same steps of competitors BP and Repsol.

"Society's expectations have changed rapidly in the debate on climate change. Shell now needs to go further in its ambitions: for this we hope to achieve market neutrality energy efficiency in 2050 or earlier. Society and our consumers do not expect company CEO Ben van Beurden said.

According to the executive, Shell should think long despite the challenge imposed by the current pandemic that brought down the prices of the Oil. To date, Shell has not released further details on the strategy achieving carbon neutrality. However, what is known that the decision will affect all of the company's activities, including oil and gas production.


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