Shell wants to decrease methane emissions

Shell Company announced on Monday, September 17, that it wants to maintain methane emissions intensity below 0.2% up to 2025. The release of methane has a greater impact on the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, because it is released about 0.1% to 0.8% in oil and gas.

Given this, the company is deploying infrared cameras to check methane emissions in the oxonium layer to reduce impacts. According to Shell's gas and new energies director, Maarten Wetselaar, the goal is to reduce methane gas and net carbon footprint of 2050.

According to the executive, this is a demonstration of the company's focus on combating greenhouse gas emissions and these efforts are part of the state's strategy to grow during the global energy transition, and offer more clean energy.

Shell in 2015, joined the World Bank project Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 to encourage companies and institutions to contribute to the development of techniques for the end of gas burning.

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