Pipesim Simulator with three-phase mechanism achieve improvements

Enable the optimization of production through individual complex wells to vast networks of production. Thus was conceived and created the multiphase flow simulation of the Schlumberger company – the PIPESIM. For more than 30 years, the Pipesim simulator has been continually improved by incorporating science and innovation into the three core flow modeling areas – multiphasic flow, heat transfer and fluid behaviour –

The Simulator includes mechanical models of three advanced, improvements in heat transfer modeling and understanding options in modeling of PVT. The canvas, which supports ESRI GIS Map, helps deliver realistic spatial representations of wells, equipment and networks. Networks can now be built in canvas GIS or generated automatically using a GIS format file.

The well interactive chart allows the construction and rapid analysis of models of wells. Run time of simulations have also been achieved for all the modeling through implementation of networks parallel solver for separating the computational load across all processors.


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