Signs of recovery: brazilian company opens trainee vacancies

As the Offshore Panorama, as well as the market, has been following, fluctuations of the price of a barrel of oil are still great. However, greater still are the hopes and expectations, especially of the Brazilian people, to which the oil and gas area stabilizes and offer jobs.

Going in this "wave" of positivity some companies already show signs of recovery, and the market appreciates. An example of this is the new trainee program of Perbas. The company operates in the oil and gas industry offering services in production, drilling rigs and other complementary support.

The trainee program is already open and registrations can be made via this link to 1° may day. The trainee project lasts a year and those approved will go through business units of the company with the challenge of development of process improvement, cost reduction and innovation.

May enroll young talents, formed in December 2014 and June 2017, courses in Administration, accounting and engineering. The trainee is a very effective way and great learning experience to come and settle in the labour market, in addition to being very common in large oil and gas companies.

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