Sindipetro-BA claims Petrobras shutdown

In a public hearing, this last Tuesday (8), the President of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco denied the dismount of the state in Bahia to the Members of the Committee on Mines and Energy of the House of Deputies. While This, the union of oil tankers (Sindipetro-BA) states that the company has Announced a voluntary shutdown program (PDV).

Through union information, Petrobras is still going to To undo the contract signed with Petros (Petrobras Foundation for Social Security Social) for the use of the Pituba Tower, the company’s administrative building in Savior.

“It will result in the transfer of most of about 1.5 Thousand direct workers of the company and in the termination of contracts of the companies Outsourced, which should lead to the dismissal of about 2000 Workers, “the union said.

At the hearing, the president of the state denied the assertions And said that one of the reasons for the sale of the building is that the state will sell Active in Bahia as part of the national strategy of concentrating efforts on the Oil exploration, especially in the pre-salt. 

Moreover, for Roberto Castello Branco, the work would be a bad deal: “It is a monument to waste. The construction of this building has been the target of investigations and even prisons. It is a true temple of corruption. “


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