Eneva can close thermal project partnership

According to a statement from Eneva itself, the company intends to acquire 75% of a new natural gas thermoelectric project in the country with Natural Energia Participações, UTE Fátima and the parent company Fatima Power Holding. The another 25% of the project belong to a global energy organization, unnamed which has the right of exploitation in Brazil.

According to the business, Eneva will have exclusivity to carry out due diligence of the licensed asset for up to 1,750 megawatts of capacity in the city of Macaé (RJ), until the date of auctions for the contracting of thermal government for 2020 or up to 15 days after the enterprise in regulated energy auction. The plant will operate with Gas Natural Liquefied (LNG) or associated natural gas, and the supply will be carried out by the oil company partner of the project.

However, Eneva stressed that there is still no guarantee that the transaction will be closed. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the aligned with the New Gas Market program, which is aimed at increasing competition in the gas sector and reduce input costs.


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