Solar energy taxation will be debated in the Senate

Today (3), the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE) will discuss reducing subsidies granted to solar energy users. Those who already own the solar panels would continue with the benefits until the year of 2030, but the new producers would not be contemplated. The measure was opened by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) through a consultancy Public.

However, the decision has generated inside outopinions. For the Senator Sérgio Olímpio Gomes (PSL-SP), there is no reason for ANEEL to review the rules of incentive to this type of energy considered clean. “[A ANEEL] will cause this whole disorder to derail something that today represents a little less than 1% of the country’s energy consumption, going on the other hand of what is making the world,” Olímpio said.

Finally, ANEEL declared, at a meeting at the Commission on infrastructure, that the aim of the measure is to prevent consumers who do not produce solar energy pay for subsidies. Also according to the agency, the cost can reach R$ 1 billion in 2021.