Solven has paraffins factory in Rio de Janeiro

Solven started its activities in 1992. From the beginning, it defined as the main objective to combine an ethical awareness with creative solutions, offering customized products and services to its customers. Today, Solven has two paraffins and emulsion factories, one of which is a branch in Bahia (inaugurated in 1995) and one in Rio de Janeiro (inaugurated in 2021).

In Hortolândia, it has an R&D laboratory for the development of waxes and Bblends, a unit for the manufacture of emulsion and tanking for solvents. Since 2001, we have iso 9001:2008 certification, which legitimizes the Quality Management System for the development, research, industrialization and marketing of chemical and petrochemical products. Since 2012 we are certified by ISO 14001:2004.

Learn about the solutions and innovations we can offer to your company: Paraffin Emulsions, Thinners and Solvents, Waxes and Paraffins and Ecological Solvents. With Solven, you are assured that all the products you are purchasing meet the strictest quality and provenance requirements.

Solven manufactures paraffins emulsions in its bahia and São Paulo units, with a high degree of quality and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

PRODUCTS – EMULSIONS OF PARAFFIn, THINNERS AND SOLVENTS, WAXES AND PARAFFINS. Paraffins are composed of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons of high molecular weight. They have their carbon atoms organized in open chains, using only simple bonds, and can be normal or branched chains. The high degree of refining to which they are subjected makes them have white color and excellent chemical stability. They are rated for the melting point.

ECOLOGICAL SOLVENTS – Ecological solvents are hydrogenated fluids composed mainly of aliphatic and naphthenic hydrocarbons, severely hydrogenated, readily biodegradable and with little pronounced odor. They are classified by the distillation ranges and flash point.

In the Offshore Panorama, the information arrives and meets the entire segment. In this matter, solven opened a factory this year in the State of Rio de Janeiro. More jobs, more income, more development for the state and Brazil.

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