Only 5% of oil blocks in the 11th licensing round were explored in the past four years

In technical note released on Friday, March 10, the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) reported that the areas in March finished off in the 11th Round of oil and natural gas Exploratory Blocks held in 2013, only 5% of the first exploratory phase of the assets has been fulfilled. According to the document, the term of the agreement is coming to an end and to be completed by mid-2018.

Concessionaires reported that there were several problems in meeting deadlines, which meant that only 61% of the 49 offshore blocks and 37% of the 70 areas on earth had the Minimum Exploratory Program (PEM) performed. Because of these delays, the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) made a recommendation to the ANP to extend the term of the exploration phase of the 11th round.

For the 12th, the ANP recommended the postponement of the exploratory phase, considering that the auction was held seven months after the holding of the 11th round, still in 2013. In current times, its exploratory phase ends in the middle of this year and 72 onshore blocks and was fulfilled, so far, only 13% of PEM.

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