Somoil can lose onshore drilling right in Soyo

Somoil (Angolan oil Company) may lose exploration license of onshore crude oil (ashore) in Soyo, in Zaire Province, Angola, for breach of environmental protection rules. The company has been drilling in the region for 20 years, in areas formerly operated by the French oil Total.

The technique of the Support unit for Industrial monitoring, auditing and spill management of the Ministry of the Environment, Madalena Fernandes, said that "among the transgressions identified is the fact that the company does not take care of the requalification or renewal of the network of Pipelines linking the production areas to the oil bases in onshore in Kinfukena and Pangala, on the outskirts of the city of Soyo ".

Madalena Fernandes further reiterated that the legislation in force in the country obliges the companies responsible for the spills to assume the consequences, reserting the authorities, in case of recurrent failures, the right to suspend the activities. However, as for the closure of operations, there is still no definite decision, as it will also depend on the presentation of a monitoring plan and replacement of the black oil transport lines, to be monitored by the authorities.

If the company acate the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment, instead of the suspension, the oil will pay compensation to the detriment of the environmental damage caused, according to Fernandes. Still according to the ministry technique, it had already been recommended that the company that hired a company specialized in the treatment of contaminated soils, however, the oil limited to perform palliative work, covering the lands in the areas Affected by stroke, without treating and removing contaminated soils as indicated.

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