Espirito Santo will have investments in the P&G business

According to an estimate by the Capixaba Forum of Petroleo and Gas (FCPG), oil and gas companies are expected to invest R$ 24 million by 2024, both in exploration and onshore and offshore production. In the next five years, the sector should move a total of R$ 40 billion and the other R$ 16 billion would be the costs of operations.

Therefore, expansion in onshore production is planned; a new oil rig to operate on the South Coast Capixaba; Drilling of new wells; exploration surveys by new companies; plans to disassemble petrobras platforms; and new auctions of exploration and production areas.

"The Holy Spirit has produced its 400,000 barrels and were produced this year around 330,000 barrels of oil. Production fell, but state revenue remains exceptional. There is an expectation that companies invest to increase this production by drilling new wells and with opportunities for petrobras and market opening. In this case, with blocks in land being sold," said the executive secretary of Exploration and Production of the Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute (IBP).


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