Holy Spirit gains investment of Petrobras R $10 bi

The president of Petrobras, Pedro Kinsman, announced during an event in Vitória that the oil and gas sector of the Holy Spirit will receive R $10 billion in investments in the next five years.

Most of the resources will be used in the project of the integrated platform of the Whale Park, on the south coast Capixaba. Second relative, in July of this year the state will receive a group of 700 employees of the company.

During the launch ceremony of the state oil industry yearbook, held at the Anchieta Palace, Governor Paul Hartung also announced the creation, along with BR distributor, of a public gas distribution company in the Holy Spirit and Sanctioned the bill that allows tax incentives for the oil and gas sector, the Repetro.

According to Hartung, the measure aims to give more transparency and make the Holy Spirit more attractive.

The event also celebrated the successful negotiation between the Government of the state and Petrobras in the creation of a company of mixed capital, public and private, to make the distribution of gas throughout Capixaba territory.

Details on the creation of the new company should be disclosed in the next few days, after approval by the Petrobras Council, informed the Advisory Board of the Government of the State of the Holy Spirit.

During the event, relative, and the president of Shell Brasil, André Araújo, also committed to broadening the investments in research and development of the oil and gas sector in the state. Source: Exam

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