State gaucho ceee Proceeds auction of assets in December

On Monday, the state-owned Gaucho ceee-GT (State electric power generation and transmission company) reported that the auction of six energy assets is scheduled to take place on December 10, at B3, in São Paulo.


The assets that will go to the auction add up to R $992.5 million. And will be sold the stakes of 10% in the company of transmission Alto Uruguay (Etua), of 30% in Companhia Energetica Rio das Antas (Ceran) and 6.5% in Campos Novos Energia (Enercan).

Besides these, there is also the commercialization of 9% of chapecoense generation, as well as 49% of the participation of the western Frontier Energy Transmitter (fote) and South Coastal Energy transmitter (TSLE).

The sale of assets was approved by the Board of Directors of CEEE on September 18. The auction of the state, or percentage of participations, makes the economic growth of the country can be stagnant. They're selling the riches of Brazil.

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