State of Espírito Santo will have sovereign fund

Governor Renato Casagrande, of Espírito Santo, will create a sovereign fund (FS) to facilitate structural investments in the region with the resources derived from the petroleum royalties. The emergence of the program is related to the signing of the agreement between Petrobras and the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels (ANP) involving the whale Park, Campo de Jubarte, in the exploration of the pre-salt areas in the region and Rio de Janeiro.

For the project, a group formed by the secretariats of Government (SEG), Farm (Sefaz), Economics and Planning (SEP) and the state attorney General's office (PGE) was created to formalize the document that will be delivered to the Legislative Assembly, after the provision of Special participations (PE) of the state for ANP in April.

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