Rio's state receives R $6.5 million of oil royalties

The state of the river pocketed in the first half of the year R $6.5 million in special shareholdings (PEs) and in oil production royalties, adding almost 80% compared to the R $3.7 billion raised in the first half of 2017. The direction of government and state is that this profit continues to increase, due to the special collections that amounted to about R $4.4 billion between the months of January and June. The received values will be used to reduce the security breach of the state servers.

According to the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels, the remuneration paid through the special shareholdings in the second quarter was record with a total of R $8.2 billion. This amount will be divided half to the union, 40% for the states and 10% for the prefectures.

In the state of Rio, the extra revenues are mandatory for the security breach, which with the increase in the collection decreased the deficit of R 11 billion to r $3 billion.

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