Statoil buys 25% Snorer

The country Norway has the equivalent of 385,203 km², and recently, its largest state company and partner of Petrobras in 13 areas of exploration and production, being ten in Brazil and three abroad, Statoil, sees its participation increase in Brazil thanks to agreements signed with State Brasili Ra. She bought 25% of the participation that Petrobras holds in the field of snoring in the Campos basin.

The snoring field was discovered in 1999, with reserves above the pre-salt layer, and the field is the third largest in Brazil, with production of 280,000 barrels of oil and gas per day. This field has an area of 400 square kilometers, and about 10 billion barrels and an expectation of a billion more recoverable barrels. There was no bid for the transfer of 25%, since Petrobras considers the Statoil company with the best technology for recovery of declining deposits.

The Norwegian state is now the third largest oil company in Brazil, and produces the equivalent of 40000 barrels of oil and gas in the pilgrim countryside, also in the Campos basin. With Snorer, Statoil elevates production to 100,000 daily barrels. In addition to petroleum, the agreement with Petrobras guarantees the Norwegian company access to the Cabiúnas terminal in Macaé (RJ), one of the largest access points to natural gas produced in the maritime fields.

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